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  • Raymand "On the Edge of Technology"

    Consultant, designer and implementer of ICT

    Digital Service Provider

  • Web Design(CMS)

    • Beautiful Design
    • High Security
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Fast
    • Free Hosted
    • After sales service

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    • Modern and unique design
    • Safe and easy purchase
    • Covering all online payment methods

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  • Web Security

    • Provider of enterprise security solutionsISMS
    • Services Penetration Testing Security
    • Design and implementation of standards-based networkPCIDSS

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  • Designing Mobile Applications

    Development on all smartphone platforms

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  • E-Banking

    • Penetration testing of systems and applications
    • Digital Signage

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Raymand Services

About Raymand

Raymand On the Edge of Technology

Raymand Pardazesh Company is a consultative, design and executive in information and communication technology field that has aimed its potential and specialty to make organizations' changes and evolutions towards improving intelligence and benefitting from electronic systems. This company tries to realize the establishment and development information and communication terminals in governmental and non-governmental organization. In continue, we look at the structure, services and activities presented as well as a part of successful projects handled by this company.

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RAYMAND Subtruture Services


Many persons access internet by their 1phan Black berries Android the normal mobiles are connectable to internet now. Therefore nowadays the Websites are actually accessible

Search Engine Optimization

E.B is one of the sensitive and attractive forums in IT world. Software production needs high skill & trial in this domain. The operative companies should have products with high quality in security, speedy, accuracy and easy application.


Contents management software or CMS is a plan that supports completely a website formation, management and updating. It has also all of the required tools for a website management.